Want to  LOSE YOUR S**T  less in motherhood?!

Change-Maker for Mums

Are you ready to ditch the never-ending-mum-cycle and regain control of life?

Ready for Change?

Being a mother doesn't mean you need to lose your self. 

(I say this because, I did... and know all too well, so many other women do too).

You're not the only one to feel lost in motherhood.

 Let me help you get your MOJO back

Reignite your spark

Reconnect with yourself and find your 'THING'

Your more than 'just' mum.


Reduce the amount you lose your S**T and take back control of life; 

Make change happen, without mum-guilt or overwhelm. all whilst also being a bloody great mum!

reclaim your right to feel interesting again...

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Live a more balanced, less-frantic mum-life and reduce the amount your lose you s**t!



reduce the amount you lose your S**T 

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  • Gemma Mercer

    “...the most useful and valuable time I have dedicated to myself since becoming a mother.... sharing experiences with other Mums, all with different perspectives has been incredibly insightful. Gemma's expert knowledge, guidance and support is not only impressive but genuine, honest and open- a complete breath of fresh air. Now a member of the community, I continue to learn as I go further into my 'mummy journey' and would recommend to all new Mums!!”

    Group Programme & Press Pause Member

  • Gemma Mercer

    “...I found it so helpful to hear others talk about similar difficult feelings and realise I wasn't alone in finding the transition of becoming a mummy more complicated than expected.”

    Group Programme Participant

  • Gemma Mercer

    “Matrescence! How did I not know about this before. I've spent years feeling selfish and not being able to shake the 'mum guilt.' Now that I understand it, I'm much happier.””

    Press Pause Member

  • Gemma Mercer

    “Simply love what you have set up. Thank you, I find so much benefit. Every Mum needs to know about this!!”

    Press Pause Member

  • Gemma Mercer

    “This course helped me feel normal, not depressed, a normal new(ish) mum who is changing without guidance... the short videos are perfect. You can do them whenever you can, no pressure of time or place.”

    This One Little Word Participant & Press Pause Member

  • Gemma Mercer

    “This course should be compulsory to all Mums in my opinion!”

    This One Little Word Participant

  • Gemma Mercer

    “Refreshing, empowering and what every Mum needs to understand to feel better about the day to day struggles of motherhood.”

    Group Programme Participant & Press Pause Member

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