Becoming a Mother doesn't mean we need to lose our Self

Mum-to-Be New Mum Mum-ing It

 "When a Baby is born, so is a Mother... and the birth of a Mother can sometimes be more intense than childbirth" 

(Julia Jones)

Adjusting into this new part of your identity takes time, and can affect every aspect of your persona. 

Mummy Me Time is here to help

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4-steps to feel more "you"

Let us help you articulate how you've been feeling.  You are not the only Mum who feels the way you do.

Ever considered how much preparation you made for life as a Mother, before having your first child? 

What if as well as preparing for baby, we also considered the changes we might face;  the impact it will have on our family dynamic, relationship with our partner or perhaps even the relationship we have with our Self? 

Mummy Me Time recognises that becoming a Mother is the most incredible journey many Women will ever embark on. 

We also recognise that many Mothers don't get the opportunity (or support needed) for the start in Motherhood that they (and their family) deserve. 

Focusing solely on her new bundle of joy, often Mum doesn't get the chance to consider the importance of her own wellbeing too. 

If this is familiar, ask yourself...  "if your candle goes out, how are your family going to see?"

Where Abouts in Motherhood are You?

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Mummy Me Time provides a postpartum community, that will support you throughout the differing stages of Motherhood. 

We are here to teach Mums of young children manageable action steps to regain self identity, enabling them to reconnect with themselves and create more balance in their wonderful (aka crazy-busy!) Mum life.


New Mums!

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As well as Mum Wellbeing Classes, Communitites  and Discussion Groups,

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