Becoming a Mother doesn't mean You need to lose Your Self

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Ever Considered How Much Preparation You Made for Life as a Mother, before Having Your Children?

what if, as well as preparing for baby, we also considered the changes we might face?


...the impact it might have on our family dynamic, the relationship with our Partner or perhaps even, the relationship we have with our Self? 

Becoming a Mother is the most incredible experience many women will ever encounter, though, let's not ignore. . . it's blooming hard going sometimes...!


Society is not geared up to support modern day Mamas; lack of fundamental structures or foresight about the systemic and internal pressures we put upon ourselves.  

Mothers are unknowingly setting themselves up for an impossible task! 

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Let me help you articulate how you've been feeling. 

You are not the only Mum who feels the way you do.

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Hi, I'm Gemma

"I am here to normalise SELF CARE in Motherhood."

We are our children's most influential role model, let them see the ripple effect that a little self compassion and kindness can bring. . .

Who Here can relate to Losing their 'sense of Self' since becoming a Mother?

Does the hamster-wheel of never ending 'Mum-Stuff' leave you with zero time for anything else?

Or, maybe you find yourself juggling way too much. . . but never feel like you're actually getting stuff done?

The list of 'should-dos' feels all consuming, doesn't it??

I get it.   I used to feel exactly the same!

It doesn't have to be this way though.  I'm here to show you how. . .

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