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My name is Gemma Mercer, 

founder of Mummy Me Time and Mum to two little monkeys, Imogen & Alfie. 

They are my world;  they truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me. . .  but that's not to say my motherhood journey hasn't been without a few 'rocky times' along the way!

"I understand what a special time having young children brings, but also empathise with the emotional turbulence, overwhelm and exhaustion that can unfold (if we don't make adequate allowances for our self)"

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"I’m so sick of feeling this way!"

This was me, for a long time...

Never feeling 100% there as a mum, wife, business owner, friend, daughter. . . (the list goes on). 

The hats I wore had taken over, and I felt like I’d lost the essence of who i am, ME.

Four and a bit years into motherhood, I had hit a wall.  A big wall!  One that I didn't see coming, and it totally blindsided both me and my husband. 



I Had Stretched Myself Too Thin, Helping Everyone except Myself and Feeling Permanently Exhausted...

Looking Back, (I didn't realise it at the time) I was becoming so overwhelmed that I began to resent my Husband's ability to complete tasks and his seemingly instant ability to just 'Switch Off!'

"Dad" was a role that didn't typically mean sacrifice, making choices or adjustments.  He was able to turn 'Work-Lee' or 'Fun-Guy' on... and away he went!  simple.

Of course, I always knew he cared for what was going on at home, (everything he does at work is to support us)... but there was a distinct difference between how he and I went about our day. 

The years of silencing my own needs and ignoring my personal desires started to creep out.  Cracks appeared as my pent up frustrations grew. 

It felt like I had hit a wall, but really I see now, it had been building for years... 

Why is it we wait to hit breaking point, before we chose to make room for change?

This is Why Mummy Me Time was Established

my mission is to normalise the need for selfcare in Motherhood. 

To stop others having to reach the same breaking point that I did, before they start to see. 

To question the societal norms and internal expectations that hold 'the Selfless Mother' on a golden pedestal...

this is not the role we want to model to our children, and it is certainly not the way to become the best version of ourselves (or benefit to our family). 

  • Mummy Me Time

    “Refreshing, empowering and exactly what every Mum needs to understand to feel better about the day to day struggles of motherhood.”

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  • Mummy Me Time

    “...as soon as Gemma explained these concepts to me, I knew it would be something that could help me.... how motherhood affects your sense of identity.
    This course should be compulsory to all new Mums in my opinion.”

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  • Mummy Me Time

    “...I've spent years feeling selfish and not being able to shake the 'mum guilt' when actually I have learnt, if not most women feel the same! Now that I understand it, I'm much happier.”

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Appreciating first hand the importance of self-care,  Mummy Me Time is here to help busy Mothers understand the impact that making time for themselves can have on them and their family. 


As founder of Mummy Me Time, having the opportunity to work with so many brilliant women, I believe it's important to invest heavily in my knowledge & continued professional development. 

As well as being a Clinical Reflexologist (MAR CRM5), BSc Psychology and Certified Infant Massage Instructor, I am also fully insured and certified in Postpartum Support and Matrescence Education.


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