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Being a Mum of 2 little monkeys, I understand what a special time having young children brings, but also empathise with the emotional turbulence and anxiety that can unfold. 

My name is Gemma Mercer,  first and foremost, I am Mum to two wonderful children, Imogen & Alfie.  They are my world;  they truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me... but that's not to say my motherhood journey has been without a few 'rocky times' along the way!

Take a look below to find out about Mummy Me Time and why we were founded.  Please do get in touch if you have any questions.  

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As a Clinical Reflexologist and Motherhood Wellness Educator, I take a holistic approach to women's wellbeing.  I am passionate about working with women to normalise the sometimes identity-altering changes that we face throughout life. 

My goal with Mummy Me Time is to support women, giving them life long strategies to support the physical, mental and emotional changes they encounter.  From puberty changes to fertility challenges or throughout motherhood to menopause; every aspect of life can create evolving self-esteem and self-worth.  We owe it to ourselves to take time for the dedication and self love we deserve.

My passion for reflexology and living a balanced, holistic lifestyle began because of my difficulties in conceiving, namely as a direct result of the way chronic stress and anxiety was impacting on my body. 

I have experienced first hand the remarkable difference selfcare can make and decided to train as a clinical reflexologist as a result (spinning my hectic corporate life on it's head).

My interest in Motherhood Wellness came about when I realised I was not alone with my early motherhood story.

Appreciating first hand the importance of self-care, Mummy Me Time is here to help Mothers understand the impact that not making time for themselves can have on their emotional wellbeing. 











A large proportion of my reflexology clients are women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant. 

But then, this is where the treatment of these women usually ends!!  As soon as they become 'Mothers' their ability to maintain ANY form of self-care or nourishment... well...

...falls off a cliff!

(PS.  I know the cliff, I know its hard and I know its steep... I fell off the exact same one! x)

Even me, with all my knowledge of holistic living, having lived through the significant toll stress can have on the body and the importance of maintaining selfcare in this crazy busy, modern world.  Time and time again, Mummy wellbeing gets put to the absolute bottom of the pile as soon as family life begins.

It took a good year for me to come far enough out of the baby-haze to begin to see this.  Though, then, was lucky enough to fall pregnant again, meaning my ability to see through 'the haze' soon fell right off the edge again!  Another two years, and finally I was able to start pursuing the haze once more... but if I'm honest, I'm not even sure I knew then what I was looking for. 

I just KNEW my balance was all wrong, I was not looking after myself at all and something HAD to give.

This is Why Mummy Me Time was Established

Our mission is to normalise the need for selfcare in Motherhood. 

To stop others having to reach the same breaking point that I did, before they start to see. 

To question the societal norms and internal expectations, that hold 'the Selfless Mother' on a golden pedestal...

this is not the role model we want to set for our children, and it is certainly not the way to become the best version of ourselves (or benefit to our family). 

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    “Refreshing, empowering and exactly what every Mum needs to understand to feel better about the day to day struggles of motherhood.”

    Mummy Me Time Member

  • Mummy Me Time

    “...as soon as Gemma explained these concepts to me, I knew it would be something that could help me.... how motherhood affects your sense of identity.
    This course should be compulsory to all new Mums in my opinion.”

    Reflexology & Coaching Client

  • Mummy Me Time

    “...I've spent years feeling selfish and not being able to shake the 'mum guilt' when actually I have learnt, if not most women feel the same! Now that I understand it, I'm much happier.”

    Mummy Me Time Member

As founder of Mummy Me Time, having the opportunity to work with so many brilliant women, I believe it's ever important to invest heavily in my knowledge & continued professional development.  As well as being a MAR CRM5 Clinical Reflexologist, BSc Psychology and Certified Infant Massage Instructor, I am also fully insured and certified in Postpartum Support and Matrescence Education.

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