Baby Massage

online Face to Face

Join our Baby Massage classes, either online or in person (CV-19 allowing) if you are local to Wetherby, West Yorkshire. 

Our classes are baby-led and very relaxed.  There is never any need for baby to conform and their needs are central to everything we do and learn...  Though, having said that, we also encourage good mum-wellbeing too.  

 Small Class Sizes:

Class size remain small so as to encourage discussion and chance to interact with other Mums who have babies at a similar age to yourself. 

Baby Led:

Babies are central to our classes, and their needs always met but Mummy wellbeing is of equal importance to us.

International Institute of Infant Massage

Gemma is a Certified Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage

Certified Reflexologist

Gemma is also Certified Level 5 Reflexologist with specialist training in Fertility, Pre & Postpartum and Baby related Reflexology. 

Motherhood Transitions Educator

Gemma is also Certified to provide accredited Mama Rising Matrescence Education and Postnatal Support.  We regularly include such topics in our class discussions.



Massaging Your Baby

Both research and anecdotal evidence has shown that there are many ways that babies and families may benefit from baby massage.

  • Bonding
  • Interaction
  • Relief
  • Quality Time
  • Body Awareness
    • Oxytocin Boosting
    • Engagement
    • Relaxation
    • Stimulation
    • Circulation
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Testimonial from Course Participant 

"Classes with Gemma are some of my very fondest memories from my maternity leave.  Baby massage was my first ever baby class so I was nervous about experiencing my first public incidents like poop explosions (baby not me!) but Gemma made it all so comfortable and lovely.  So much so I did a second...

...course with her and then was delighted to join the Mummy Me Time Membership after, which I thought was such a genius idea and just what we all need as we start out in motherhood - finally something for us but where babies are also welcome making it really accessible.

Gemma has so much knowledge and shares her experience but also enables everyone to share and take part to whatever extent is comfortable. I would recommend to anyone. There’s zero pressure (both in terms of contributions and baby conforming!) and such a genuine welcoming vibe 🥰"

S Douthwaite
March 2021

Not Sure if Baby Massage is For You?  

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Download our free Baby Massage Intro and Lesson video.

Give massaging your baby a try, watch it back as often as you like... all from the comfort of your own home.

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How are our Classes are different?

Incorporating baby massage, reflexology, relaxation and mum wellbeing; our classes are different to others out there. 

Whether online or in person, they are designed with needs of baby AND mum in mind...  No rushing you before or after!  No pressure to keep baby quiet, wake them up or rush a feed!  If it's not the right time for baby...

...relax, do what you need to do to pacify them, sit, watch and enjoy the company of other Mums. 

There is always plenty of time to catch up, plus we'll help you gain confidence with moves to practice once home.

(We all know the feeling of thinking that our baby has the loudest cry!  This is one class that you will never need to worry about it).

As well as your massage content, there is always time for Mum discussion too.  Building your village of support and feeling you are not alone during the transition to motherhood is a huge part of becoming a happy, healthy Mum.  Please don't underestimate the importance of your wellbeing too.  Mummy Me Time is here for You.

Baby-Led but also Mummy focused

Pricing options

Online Pre-Recorded


one time charge

- 6 'on-demand' pre-recorded lessons, plus introduction video

-  Watch back as often as you like

-  Massage your Baby in comfort of your own home

- Schedule around Baby's routine and other family commitments

Face 2 Face


per 6 week course

-  Local to Wetherby?

-  CV-19 allowing, join us for our F2F classes

-  Courses run in sync with Leeds School half terms

- Small, socially distanced and friendly group sizes

  • Mummy Me Time

    “Baby massage with Gemma was one of my first classes post-lockdown and they form some of my happiest memories over the summer. Gemma creates a welcoming and warm environment which allows mums to interact and form relationships. I greatly appreciate Gemma’s refreshing focus on the mother’s wellbeing as well as babies, I have learned a lot through her classes and hope to explore these themes further in future classes.”

    Baby Massage Mum

  • Mummy Me Time

    “...Gemma is actually amazing, and not only is great at reflexology but also puts you so at ease with having babies in a class, sharing her experiences as well as some experienced advice all things babies. I have met such a great group of Mums and their babies too! I would highly recommend this course, and Gemma!! Thanks again xx”

    Baby Massage Mum

Becoming a Mother doesn't mean you need to Lose your Self.

We promise you, you are not the only one to feel the way you do. 

Become a member of our Mummy Me Time community;  meet others with similar aged babies, learn how to balance postpartum life whilst still maintaining some of the original 'you.'

It is so important to look after your emotional wellbeing, motherhood has never before been such an isolating time.  Don't forget looking after you, also has huge benefit to your family,

Become a Member

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