We don't get mad, we get PERFECT

we don't get mad we get perfect

As this Amy Taylor-Kabbaz quote summarises perfectly...

“We don’t get mad, we get PERFECT.” 

What do you reckon?  Can you relate?  (...do pop your thoughts in the comments, I'd love to hear from you).

You're not the only one experiencing an uphill-battle balancing family-life with your passions and/or career.

The juggle is a struggle, and it's exacerbated by the pressures and expectations set upon you.  Expectations from society around us and set from within. 

Through no fault of your own.... modern day mum-life continues to pile more onto your plate.  

and what do we do??

Instead of asking for help or reducing our expectations;  we push ourselves to DO MORE….  add more to our never-ending-to-do-list!

Self silencing your needs... subconsciously, pushing yourself harder….

Doing more and more, adding more pressure to your already bursting load.  

Sound familiar???

This is EXACTLY the sort of topic we cover in THE MumME COLLECTIVE.

A 12 week group programme for women like you.  Women looking to balance family-life whilst also factoring in their needs.

No more feeling you're making a choice between your need's or your family. 

No more guilt. 

No more overwhelm. 

...Learn a way to marry them both.  In a way that feels good for you... (+ watch your family benefit too).

NEXT INTAKE START IN APRIL  (have you joined the waitlist yet?  You can register to find out more HERE)

It's for women who are ready to GET OUT OF SURVIVAL MODE and into a life they LOVE!

A life full of ENERGY and PASSION. 

No more losing you s**t.  No more self-silencing what you need.  Imagine seeing the benefit flow out to those around you too.

I'd love for you to be part of it. 

If there's a slight inkling of interest, do make sure you JOIN THE WAIT-LIST  (Space is limited.  Those on it will receive early-bird discount and priority access to VIP option).

No more self silencing your needs lovely.

Imagine, no more 'survival-mode'.  Instead just 'balanced-energised-connected-mode'.

You know where I am if you have any questions - gemma@mummymetime.co.uk

Thanks as always for being here. 

Much love, Gemma  ;-)

PS.  Here's link to learn more MumME Collective 



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