Support the return to Work Following Parental Leave


Ever wondered how you can support your female (and male) employees returning to work after a significant life event, such as having a child?

How can you ensure a smooth transition?

...Help them integrate themselves back into the workplace?

...Enable them to navigate significant shifts in their identity?


All, impacting their performance, longevity, career aspirations and motivations. 


Inadequate support will often lead to decreased confidence, increased anxiety and overwhelm;  unfortunately resulting in many either stepping down, burning out or leaving their career.


Because, when we lack adequate support, women (and men in some cases) feel they no longer have the capacity, confidence or conviction to perform the way they once did.

Having supported numerous clients encountering many of these challenges,

 we have identified a gap between support and retention in the workplace


Support The Transition 

Understanding the physical, emotional & psychological changes we go through as parents, provides incredible insight & enormous support to those transitioning back from leave. 


Providing a wide range of parental support packages, suitable to  businesses of all sizes. 


Having trained with some of the world's leading maternal wellness providers, I am comfortable working bespoke, to your company's requirements.  I can also work in collaboration with Transformational High-Performance Coach, Emma Gibbs. 


Our frameworks not only offer the much needed maternal insights BUT also the tools, resources and strategies to manage doubt, guilt and confidence;  helping individuals to take back control, perform under pressure, transition back into their role and create the impact they need,  TO  DELIVER. 


Coming from a corporate background myself,  I appreciate businesses who place a high value on supporting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.  With so many important benefits to talent retention and having women in leadership positions, why would your business not want to give this a thought?


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