are you ready to get back in the 'driving seat' of life?

" feel like you've lost your sense of self since becoming mum ? "

You are not the only one!

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lost on the 'hamster-wheel' of busy-mum life

- You love your children more than anything, but feel consumed by busy (aka bonkers!) mum-life.

- You feel overwhelmed by all the "should do's" or "just need to's"

- You're resentful towards your partner or miss the autonomy you used to feel

- You're distanced from the things that make you feel ' you '


What if I Told You?

"It doesn't have to be this way"


That you can get off the hamster-wheel and learn to reunite with your sense of self without mum-guilt.

& that it will be beneficial for both you and your family.

You are NOT the only one!

Women everywhere are being let down by our inherently flawed system. 

The system that leads us to believe, we're not quite doing 'enough.'

ENOUGH??? What even is that!

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Have you ever heard the saying?

"expected to work like we don't have children and have children like we don't work"

This is the sort of pressure, women everywhere are feeling!

  • manage it all
  • Motherhood will come naturally
  • enjoy every minute
. . .  oh . . .  and . . .  " don't forget to make it look easy!! " 

Deeply embedded beliefs and pressures we feel, that have been passed down through generations. 

 Ideologies of what it means to be a 'good mother' and a 'successful woman.'

Two roles we strive to achieve that deeply contradict one another!

The golden pedestal, that will ultimately push us to our limits



Instead of question the system . . .

we push our feelings down . . .

think it must just be us . . .

"keep on going . . .  must work harder"

No wonder why we feel so utterly goosed!!
Our tank isn't empty, it's totally bone-dry

It's time to show mothers everywhere,

there is another way . . .



Becoming a mother doesn't mean you need to lose your self.

It is possible to REUNITE with who you are.

REUNITE with your needs too . . . 

whilst also being, a bloody GREAT mum!

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an 8 week group programme that will blow your mind. 

No more mum-guilt

No more feeling overwhelmed

Learn to make TIME and SPACE for you

with a totally new value and realistic perspective on all you achieve.


REUNITE WITH YOU, take back control and showcase self compassion to your children.

We start Monday 22nd November


I'm In!


this programme

is not here to give you daily meditations, bubble-baths and unobtainable self care rituals!

It's here to REALLY show you how and why we can make change.


the insight all mums needs, and their friends wish they'd known!

Getting started can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!


learn to create space and time to see yourself without overwhelm or mum-guilt


Easy Access

join live or watch back at a time convenient to you.  (all content stored in easy to access membership app)



you are not the only one feeling like this.  join a community of mums looking to make change together


Zero risk

I get it, you're not used to spending cash on yourself anymore!  (14 day cashback if you're not totally satisfied)


We will share important insights behind why you feel so deeply split between the woman you once were and who you're now becoming.

To help you uncover the truth behind the internal pressures you feel inside.

The resentment and frustration that builds as the mum-guilt unfolds.


  • Gemma Mercer

    “Refreshing, empowering and exactly what every mum needs to understand to feel better about the day to day struggles of motherhood! ”

  • Gemma Mercer

    “Matrescence! How did I not know this before. I've spent years feeling selfish and not being able to shake the 'mum-guilt' when actually i've learnt a lot, if not all mothers, feel the same! Now that I understand it I am much happier.”

  • Gemma Mercer

    “"...helped me feel normal, not depressed, a normal new(ish) mum who is changing without guidance... "”


Programme Breakdown

how it works:

calls will take place on a monday evening at 8pm (Starting Monday 22nd November).

4 weekly sessions (2 week off over festive period) then another 4 in january.

  • 8 module lessons
  • each with live group coaching
  • opportunity to submit questions via email if unable to make call live
  • membership app where all content stored in to watch / re-watch in own time
  • video recording of calls to watch back if you miss us live
  • printable worksheets that will document your learning

Total value = £599

Today’s price = £390

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prefer 1:1 support from Gemma?

limited places available for Reunite PLUS.  Join the 8 week group programme with personalised support from Gemma.

Total value = £799

Today’s price = £499

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also included in your purchase:  Total vale = £81

lifetime access to this one little word - 7 day mini series (value £49)

2 month's access to the PRESS PAUSE membership (value = £32)





Who Is Gemma?

Gemma Mercer, Mum of 2 and founder of Mummy Me Time, is a maternal wellness coach and matrescence educator from Yorkshire.  

She helps busy-mums get back in the 'driving-seat' of life by rediscovering their self identity;  working out what they want from life, now they're also a mother.  

also a holistic health practitioner, Gemma is a firm believer in the importance of self-care.  not one for the commercialised, expensive, time / money burning versions - simplicity and reproduciblity is key.




  • Gemma Mercer

    “Refreshing, empowering and exactly what every mum needs to understand to feel better about the day to day struggles of motherhood! ”

  • Gemma Mercer

    “Matrescence! How did I not know this before. I've spent years feeling selfish and not being able to shake the 'mum-guilt' when actually i've learnt a lot, if not all mothers, feel the same! Now that I understand it I am much happier.”

  • Gemma Mercer

    “"...helped me feel normal, not depressed, a normal new(ish) mum who is changing without guidance... "”


I get it!  as busy Mums, we're not used to investing in ourselves.  it can be difficult with all the other stuff and priorities. 

Well, guess what. . .  to put your mind at rest, I'd like to take the risk and worry away and offer you a 14 day money back guarantee.

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I want this to be a success for you.  If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, neither am i. 

simply email your request within 14 days for a 100% no strings attached refund. 

I highly doubt you’ll need one though.  You’’ll be too busy high-fiving yourself for giving you a chance ;-)

Programme Content

what you will learn:

  • Week 1:   Welcome!  matrescence & the inner-split of motherhood
  • week 2:  Acknowledge maternal mandate 
  • week 3:  understanding your inner-mean-mama.  Kindness
  • week 4:  Definition of strength, considering the 'good mother' and 'successful woman' archetypes.  
  • week 5:  Self silencing, allow yourself Grace
  • week 6:  consider systemic pressures we face and reconsider your Values
  • week 7: Trust in your strength and all that you achieved
  • week 8: connection & self-care, how we can 'receive'
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REUNITE is for you if:

  • You’re always doing, but never feel like you've quite managed it all
  • you feel mum-guilt
  • you miss the things in life that made you feel you
  • you hold resentment or frustration towards your partner as nothing seems to have really changed for them 
  • you're tired of losing your S**T with everyone around you!


Click here to reunite with you

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Just imagine

feeling like you again!  

no more pushing those feelings down.  no more resentment.  no more frustration. 

no more losing. your. s**t. 

Your Time is Now


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered, do get in touch


Email Gemma


What if I can't make the calls live?

Even when we plan things, life can often get in the way!  I understand.   

this is why i use an easy to access membership site (simplero) that allows you to log in and watch / rewatch sessions anytime.


what stage of mum-life is this for?

my goodness, this is relevant to every stage! 

I only understood this stuff when my baby was 4 and it's still relevant now.

that said, i also teach it to mums of newborns.

It's always a total game-changer

what are the course dates

we start on monday 22nd november at 8pm.

we will then have weekly calls every monday for 4 weeks, breaking for 2 over the festive period, then concluding with a further 4 weeks.

we have found that having a 2 week break works well in letting new knowledge sink into 'family life' - giving us real life experiences to consider in the final 4 weeks.

course dates- monday 22nd nov, 29th nov, 6th dec, 13th dec, 2rd jan, 10th jan, 17th jan & 24th jan).


can i pay in installments?

Yes.  I want to make this as accessible as possible.

you can pay as one-off payment or in 3 monthly installments

how long do i get access to the course content?

you will have as long as you need to complete the content.

calls are weekly to encourage momentum, but that doesn't mean you can't take longer to complete.

you will get life-long access to watch over as many times as you like.


(*not that i have any intention of doing so, but, If i were to change system provider in the distant future- you will always be notified in plenty of time so that you can save content).

how do i log in?

our weekly calls are held via zoom.   zoom links will be shared to you by email and will be stored in your membership area.

reminders will also be emailed one hour before each call.

your membership site log-in will be emailed to you on purchase.

what are different price options?

there are 2 price options to chose from:

group programme  £390


group programme PLUS  £499

(PLUS includes 1 : 1 whats app or email support with gemma.  you can message anytime between 9am - 9pm throughout the 8 week programme to support your progress).

Total value of reunite with you = £680

Today’s price = £390

Ready to Change!