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Mummy me Time


Does the never ending 'hamster wheel' of mum-stuff leave you feeling frazzled? 

Or, maybe you find yourself juggling way too much. . . 

but never feel you actually get enough done.

The list of 'should do's' feels all consuming, doesn't it?


Balancing your needs with your family can feel a lot.

I get it.

(I used to feel exactly like this too).

. . . you're in the right place. 

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Hi I'm Gemma...

Mum of 2 and change-maker (life coach) for mums. 

I am here to share game-changing insights with you, insights that will revolutionise the way you see yourself and motherhood. 

Ditch your mum-guilt and people-pleasing;  and instead regain control of life!

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You don't need to feel like you've lost yourself anymore.

You don't need to feel guilty about the resentment you feel.

It is possible to be more present.

To regain your energy . . .  ignite your passions. . . 

and feel more ‘YOU’ again.

You don't have to end the day losing your s**t with your partner! 

. . .Hell, you might even feel the energy (or inclination) to be intimate with them again!!  

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