Mummy Me Time provides courses, community & coaching

to support you through the differing stages of Motherhood

We teach expectant mums and those of young children manageable action steps to regain self identity, enabling them to reconnect with themselves and create more balance in their wonderful (aka crazy-busy!) Mum life. 

Many Mothers don't give a great deal (if any) thought to how motherhood will affect their emotional wellbeing.  By giving thought to this, you are setting yourself and your family up for a far more relaxed and contented journey.  We owe it to them to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion, after all, we are our children's biggest influence and role model. 

This is Why Mummy Me Time was Established

Our mission is to normalise the need for selfcare in Motherhood. 

To stop others having to reach the same breaking point that I did, before they start to see. 

To question the societal norms and internal expectations, holding 'the Selfless Mother' on a golden pedestal...  

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