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Understand your matrescence

No more  coming last in your own life...

Use the insight of matrescence to navigate how to reconnect with yourself now that you're also a mother

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Are you...

-  struggling to figure out who you are now that you're a mother?

-  on a constant  'hamster-wheel' of busy-mum life?

-  always exhausted, yet never feel like you accomplish anything that's important to you?

-  feeling guilty for not loving every moment of mum life?

you love your kids to the moon and back...

but goodness, you'd love just a moment to consider your needs too sometimes!

I know... I get it... and you are not the only one to feel the way you do.
You are going through something, it's not just in your head... it's profound and on many levels...  Have you ever heard of 'Matrescence?'


matrescence is...

the complete transformation and identity shift that a woman encounters as she moves through motherhood.   

It affects every aspect of our persona- psychological, social, emotional, physical, economic, cultural and spiritual. 

It also affects societal expectations, the way others perceive us and the internal pressures we govern ourselves by.

When you became a mother, you were split in two; 

the You, who you've always been and You, the Mother.

Understanding your Matrescence is about exploring what this split means for you, and how to bring your whole self back together again. 

"You are going through something

It's not just in your head

It's profound, and it's on many levels,

and can feel incredibly overwhelming.


(Amy Taylor Kabbaz)

So many mums are subconsciously driven by the 'selfless mother' archetype.  the mother who holds everyone else's needs above her own, embedded as the way mothers 'should' be.

But, wouldn't it be wonderful if we started to consider more about the consequence to this? 

that mothers everywhere are their children's biggest role models.

That we are fueling the way future generations see and value mothering and motherhood.

What would the benefit be to your family, if you started to carve out time for your own needs and desires too?


a Healthy, energised, fulfilled mother, with self compassion, confidence and space for self worth.

Imagine how much more present you would be with your children?

Imagine how much more spark and drive you would have for everyday things?

You'd be role modeling self kindness, looking after everyone else with energy and appreciation. 

Not feeling overwhelmed or resentment. 

No longer governed by mum-guilt and how you think you 'should' behave.

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What if I told you there is another way?

that You wouldn’t spend your days craving that next cup of coffee, wondering if you’ll ever be able to feel normal again! 

a proven framework that can help you rediscover who you are now.

To reclaim your sense of self in motherhood, so you can show up fully for yourself and your children? 

welcome to Mama Rising™

Gemma is one of very few accredited facilitators* for this life changing programme. 

your 3 month programme of support:

"Mama Rising will help you see matrescence as your chance to redefine who you are,


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Hear what others have to say...

Coaching with Gemma GBP 1,694.00

“hands down the most useful parenting resource i have ever invested in! Every mother needs to do this course!!
Thank you Gemma... i still cannot believe this information is not shared with all mums as part of their routine antenatal care”

mother to Evie & Isla

so how does 

MAMA RISING™ support work?


Gemma is one of few Accredited MAMA RISING™ facilitators worldwide.  mentored and trained by the incredible amy taylor-kabbaz, she has world leading matrescence education.  

work with gemma to Understand your matrescence. 

process your matrescence, begin to articulate what you are experiencing and how you are feeling.


most popular options:


 1 on 1 coaching

 (incorporate matrescence support with 1 on 1 coaching)


self study course

 (7 day succinct mini series for busy-mums)

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(*Mama Rising is a trademarked formula of support, created by the brilliant Amy taylor kabbaz - Hay House author, journalist, international award-winning coach  & Matrescence Activist).