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GP Testimonial

"I can't quite express how amazing this is.  I'm sitting here, over 9 years since I became a Mummy, and thinking how often at work that I reassure new Mums that "it's so difficult trying to prepare for the massive life change that is becoming a Mum."   I now realise, just this- you have totally hit the nail on the head about the importance of remembering "me" - the one constant that remains through all the changing phases of motherhood.  I am sure you are going to change so many Mummy's experiences for the better."

 -Dr Driver
General Practitioner, North Yorkshire


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What you can expect from our Membership

A monthly membership designed to support you through the differing stages of Motherhood.  Looking after yourself also benefits those around you too.  Invest in your emotional wellbeing as well as looking after everybody else! 

Your family will thank you for it.

1.  Insight

Understand the 'Inner-Split' of Motherhood, learn ways to reduce 'Mum-Guilt' and see yourself through a much more compassionate lens, putting actionable steps in place to alleviate the pressure.


2.  Community

You are not the only one feeling the way you do.  Here, you can expect open and honest discussion, acceptance as both a Woman and a Mother, and a safe space to consider your own needs too. 


3.  Support

Feel understood...  'Mum-Guilt' is real...  The 'Super-Woman Addiction' is real...  Your feelings are real!!  

Learn to articulate the way you've been feeling.


4. Wellbeing

Learn to 'press pause' in the 'crazy' of motherhood!  Dip in and out, as and when suits your schedule. 

Why did we set up the Membership?

All women experience a change in their self-identity when becoming a Mum, Motherhood impacts every aspect of our persona. 

"The more Mums I discussed this with, the more I quickly realised that my postpartum and early motherhood story was far from unique!"

In hindsight, I had completely lost my sense of 'self' for many years.  I was head over heels in love with my children, of course.  In love with the concept of being Mum, most certainly... but still, something (even though I wasn't sure what), just didn't feel quite there... the 'original' me... she was lost.

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Pushing these feeling down, I self-silenced them.  I suppose thinking I was wrong and alone to be having these feelings. 

Over time, these feelings grew and started to express themselves as anger, frustration and resentment. 

Resentment, not with my children, but with my self (for not knowing what was wrong) and indeed with my husband, for seemingly continuing with his own independence whilst also getting the joys of being an incredible Dad. 

Needless to say, it eventually came to a head, and I was forced to search further into why I was feeling the way that I did.  My search led me here, to the wonderful world of learning the importnance of pressing pause; 

understanding matrescence and the 'inner-split.'

The aim at Mummy Me Time is to benefit the whole family, by teaching mums to honour their needs and occasionally 'press pause' in our brilliant (but bonkers) mum-life.

normalising self care in motherhood

All too often Mums get forgotten behind the rest of the pack!  It's time to change that! 

We all know, time as a busy Mum is practically non-existent though!

So, I wanted to create a space where time was no issue,  making self care achievable. 

Designed with busy Mum-life in mind.  This space will support you to get precious moments back.  Manageable action steps, wellbeing insights and understanding;  so that you can learn to articulate how you've been feeling, in turn, reestablishing your own needs, worth and self identity.

We've got you Mummy.  You were never meant to do Motherhood alone.

Are you going to stay where you are? 

Or will you join us to learn achievable action steps to make 'mummy me time' a reality... 


"It is possible to be a great Mum and look after your needs as well" 

How do I become a Member?

(Learn to 'PRESS PAUSE' for just £4 / week*)

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  • Mummy Me Time

    “This lady, actual hero, is amazing. I had no idea about some of the topics we have learnt about. She has absolutely hands down helped me cope having a baby in lockdown... wish I'd had her in my life after I'd had my first baby... can't recommend her enough.”


  • Mummy Me Time

    “"...the most useful and valuable time I have dedicated to myself since becoming a mother.... sharing experiences with other Mums, all with different perspectives has been incredibly insightful.  Gemma's expert knowledge, guidance and support is not only impressive but genuine, honest and open- a complete breath of fresh air.  Now a member of the community, I continue to learn as I go further into my 'mummy journey' and would recommend to all new Mums!!"”


  • Mummy Me Time Membership

    Becoming a Mother doesn't mean we need to lose our Self.  A membership community for like-minded women, who are ready to start reconnecting with their own needs and recognise the consequence of continually pouring from an empty cup! 

    GBP 16.00

    “Matrescence! How did I not know about this before. I've spent yeas feeling selfish and not being able to shake the 'mum guilt' . now that I understand it, I'm much happier.”


  • Mummy Me Time

    “...I found it so helpful to hear others talk about similar difficult feelings and realise I wasn't alone in finding the transition of becoming a mummy more complicated than expected.”


  • Mummy Me Time Membership

    Becoming a Mother doesn't mean we need to lose our Self.  A membership community for like-minded women, who are ready to start reconnecting with their own needs and recognise the consequence of continually pouring from an empty cup! 

    GBP 16.00

    “Simply love what you have set up.
    Thank you, I find so much benefit. Every Mum needs to know about this!!”


the 'inner-split of motherhood'

not ready to join the membership but want to understand why you feel the way you do...?

learn more about the changes we experience in motherhood and reunite with your sense of self

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