When a Baby is Born, so is a Mother

Prepare for Your Life Postpartum




How many expectant Mums, do you think spend sufficient (if any) time thinking about how their new baby will impact them? 

I mean, really impact them... more than sleep deprivation and leaky boobs!   

All to often, our thoughts about becoming a Mother solely revolve around our incredible new bundle of joy... very few Mums take time to appreciate the personal changes they will experience and significant impact having a baby will have on every aspect of life. 


Mummy Me Time helps you plan for your postpartum, so that you enter motherhood feeling prepared and supported.

We provide postpartum planning, an online membership community, motherhood wellness education and 1 to 1 or group programmes of support. 

Prep for Motherhood Checklist

No new Mum should be left to believe she is the only one who doesn't really know what to expect!  Let us help you prepare:

  • Expectation vs Reality
  • Truth about Mothers Instinct
  • 4th Trimester
  • Postpartum Depletion
  • Self Compassion
  • Nourishment
  • Baby Brain
  • Oxytocin Boosters
  • Baby Bonding
  • Village of Support
  • Delegation
  • Importance of saying 'no

Postpartum Planning Calls with Gemma

1 hour a month dedicated support - £60

Ready to take some time to consider life once baby arrives?  Book a 1 on 1 Postpartum Planning coaching session with Gemma today...

Let us help you make real considerations towards enabling your transition to motherhood to be as calm and comfortable as possible.

We have techniques for encouraging oxytocin, nurturing your bond with baby, avoiding post-partum depletion, setting expectations for those around you and building your village of support,   Our aim is to help you create a restful, nurturing and calm environment for you and your newborn family.

For every 1 hour monthly coaching call booked, you will also gain a month's access to our Mummy Me Time Membership. 

Sessions can be used during pregnancy and once baby arrives.  We can work through Gemma's Signature Support programmes or keep less structured, depending on your individual needs.

(*cancel or downgrade to regular membership at any time)

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Prep for Motherhood, 6 week Group Course

Birth is not the Destination;  meet others and prepare for life as a mum - £296

STARTING SOON - register your interest below

We all know someone who has recommended attending antenatal classes, a way to make 'mummy friends' or gain ideas on what to expect about breastfeeding or birth....  But what if we told you there could be more...!!

Let us help you prepare for beyond the arrival of your baby. 

So many of us focus on birth planning, labour  and the physical needs of baby...  Though not much (if any) thought is usually given towards how baby's arrival will affect us... the family dynamics, our sence of self or indeed the impact upon everyday life!

This course will give you important insight upon the realities versus expectations of Motherhood (societal and our own internal expectations).  

This is a 6 week course, where we will get together virtually once a week.

Meet others at similar stage of pregnancy to yourself and start to build your village of support (partners welcome too).


Did you know Gemma is a Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional and Certified Mama Rising™ Facilitator?  Also, a mother of 2 young children herself, she understands the importance of helping Mums-to-Be prepare emotionally for baby and beyond?  


What we will cover:

Week 1.  Welcome, meet and set expectations

Week 2.  Baby Brain & Mother's Intuition

Week 3.  Introduction to your transition to Motherhood and 'Matrescence' 

Week 4.  Prep for the '4th Trimester'

Week 5.  Ways to Nourish your Postpartum

Week 6.  Create/finalise/implement your Plan



  • Plan:  Personalised considerations and actions for your postpartum
  • Insight:  Beyond birth and breastfeeding
  • Support:  6-weeks free access to the Mummy Me Time Membership and resources
  • Friendship:  Option to join whats-app group to connect with other members for ongoing village and support
  • Virtual Meets:  Scheduled post course meet up



- This course is for all expectant Mums, ideally in 2nd or 3rd trimester.

We aim to run this course once every quarter.  Next course starting Spring 2021, please register your interest below:

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Gift vouchers can be redeemed against all of our services.  Whatever your budget, buy your friend/ wife/ partner the gift of motherhood wellbeing, preparation and support. 

So many women comment on how 'they wish this had been available when they were becoming a new Mum'. 

Everyone's looking for that special gift, now it really can be given!

Simply click on the link below to message us with details of who you'd like them sending to, your gift message and your budget- we will do the rest (we can of course also post them out for you to personalise if you'd prefer).

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Prepare for Motherhood and meet like-minded Mums.  Join our online community of support.