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(First Year of Motherhood or have a new baby)

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 "When a Baby is born, so is a Mother. . .  and the birth of a Mother can sometimes be more intense than childbirth" 

(Julia Jones)

Being a new Mum is amazing but can certainly have it's challenging times.  Mummy Me Time is here to let you know, you are doing a great job and it will all be worth it.


Adjusting into 'being a mother' takes time, and it's normal to not love every moment.

You are NOT the only one to question... 


  • is what i am feeling normal
  • this is Not what I Expected
  • Lack of Accomplishment
  • Mum Guilt / consequences
  • Under Prepared
  • Monotony
  • Am I bad at this
  • Anxious about the 'Should-Dos'
  • Exhausted or overwhelmed
  • Resentment towards partner
  • Isolated

Many mothers contact me because they haven't yet found a safe space to discuss the questions they are desperate to ask.

Often told to "love every minute!" we have a distorted vision or hold unrealistic expectations of what life with a newborn 'should' be like. 

Unfortunately, when motherhood seemingly doesn't live up to this... we turn inwards; putting added pressure on our self, questioning whether we're cut-out for it, or are we doing a good enough job?  

First. Let's take a moment to acknowledge... "Some days can be difficult, and i promise you're doing a blooming brilliant job"





"Gemma Is a Breath of Fresh Air to Talk about This with and Has Huge Amounts of Knowledge and Support to Pass on.  I Would Absolutely Recommend Gemma to Anyone Starting out on Their Motherhood Journey."

-  B Hill, Course Participant -


I urge you not to worry about these feelings in silence. 

Let me help you transition through your early motherhood months.  I will help you articulate how you've been feeling, understand the huge variance in natural human emotions and create a postpartum plan that enables you to thrive. 

Enjoy these short but beautiful months with self care and compassion; making the most of every moment in an open and  realistic way. 


We were never supposed to do new motherhood alone. 

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Supporting your first year of Motherhood


Baby Massage:  Learn to calm and soothe your baby from the comfort of your living room.



7-day mini series to complete in your own time


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Join our community of Mums who are ready to benefit from their newfound insight

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personalised support also available.

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Postpartum Support Service

3 month support when you need it most; fortnightly  coaching calls and weekly zoom check-in

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Local to Collingham (Wetherby)?

. . . have you heard about 'play & pause'?

our baby massage and mum meet-up classes are taught within the 'Play & Pause' drop-in baby group

new courses start every 6 weeks (school term time only).

They run at 0945- 1045am before the mum & baby drop in group at 11am-1230.

Join us for the drop in group and we can discuss the next suitable course for you.

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BABY & MUM GROUP - Collingham

No need to book  (11am - 1230pm)

- £6 per session incl coffee (or tea!) & cake!

- just £2 for Press Pause Members (discounted incl in membership)

thursday mornings (term-time only)

starts thursday 9th september

9.30-11am  'Baby Massage'  (birth-crawling)

11am-12.30  'Mum Group'  (all welcome)

@ Collingham Memorial Hall,  Main St,  Collingham.  ls22 5AS