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Prenatal Online

Prep for Motherhood, 6 week group course

Birth is not the Destination;  meet others and prepare for life as a Mum - £295

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We all know someone who has recommended attending antenatal classes, a way to make 'mummy friends' or gain ideas on what to expect about breastfeeding or birth....  But what if we told you there could be more...!!

Let us help you prepare for beyond the arrival of your baby. 

So many of us focus on birth planning, labour  and the physical needs of baby...  Though not much (if any) thought is usually given towards how baby's arrival will affect us... the family dynamics, our sence of self or indeed the impact upon everyday life!

This course will give you important insight upon the realities versus expectations of Motherhood (societal and our own internal expectations).  

This is a 6 week course, where we will get together virtually once a week.

Meet others at similar stage of pregnancy to yourself and start to build your village of support (partners welcome too).


Did you know Gemma is a Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional and Certified Mama Rising™ Facilitator?  Also, a mother of 2 young children herself, she understands the importance of helping Mums-to-Be prepare emotionally for baby and beyond?  


What we will cover:

Week 1.  Welcome, meet and set expectations

Week 2.  Baby Brain & Mother's Intuition

Week 3.  Introduction to your transition to Motherhood and 'Matrescence' 

Week 4.  Prep for the '4th Trimester'

Week 5.  Ways to Nourish your Postpartum

Week 6.  Create/finalise/implement your Plan



  • Plan:  Personalised considerations and actions for your postpartum
  • Insight:  Beyond birth and breastfeeding
  • Support:  6-weeks free access to the Mummy Me Time Membership and resources
  • Friendship:  Option to join whats-app group to connect with other members for ongoing village and support
  • Virtual Meets:  Scheduled post course meet up



- This course is for all expectant Mums, ideally in 2nd or 3rd trimester.

We aim to run this course once every quarter.  Next course starting Spring 2021, please register your interest below:

New Mums Online

Online Baby Massage

Pre recorded 'On-Demand' Baby Massage Course - £25

Introduction to baby massage plus 6 pre-recorded lessons to watch and learn in the comfort of your own home.

 Introduction with info on how, when and when not to massage your baby.

Plus 6 lessons to work through weekly, designed to build baby's tolerance up as the week's progress.

  1. Massaging baby's legs
  2. Massaging baby's tummy and specific strokes for colic relief
  3. Massaging baby's back
  4. Massaging baby's face
  5. Massaging baby's chest and arms
  6. Gentle Movements

Learn how to massage your baby at a time convenient to you and your family, with ability to access as many times as you like.

Upon purchase, you will be granted access to content via email link.

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Videos will be uploaded alongside song lyrics and stroke instructions for you to refer back to.

Lessons are taught by Gemma Mercer CRM5 Reflexologist & Certified Baby Massage Instructor (with the International Association of Infant Massage).

Course Suitable for Babies up to 1 year optimal age to learn massage ~6 weeks up to crawling.

Benefits of Baby Massage 

Both research and anecdotal evidence from families have shown that there are many ways that babies and families may benefit from infant massage.

They can be grouped into four categories:  Interaction, Stimulation, Relief and Relaxation.

Interaction in Infant Massage May Include:

  • Promotion of bonding and secure attachment
  • Feelings of love, respect, and being valued
  • Using all the senses
  • Development of trust and confidence
  • Verbal/non-verbal communication

Each Massage May Stimulate:

  • Circulatory and digestive systems
  • Mind and body awareness
  • Muscular development and growth
  • Learning and concentration
  • Coordination and balance
  • Hormonal and immune systems

Parents May Find that Infant Massage Helps Relieve:

  • Gas and colic
  • Cramps
  • Teething discomfort
  • Growing pains and muscular tension
  • Constipation and elimination

The Massage Promotes Relaxation which May be Shown Through:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduction in stress hormones
  • Being calm and being able to calm themself
  • Regulation of behavioural states
  • Increased flexibility and muscle tone
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New Mummy Game Changer,  1 week course

game changing information about the realities of being a new mum - £69

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Becoming a new Mum is an incredible yet intense time!

You are not the only one to have the feelings you are experiencing.  Never before has having a baby been so isolating... you are not supposed to go it alone, we are here to support you.

We have game changing information about the realities of new motherhood to share.

This information will allow you to see yourself through a much kinder lens, having huge benefit to you and your family.... register your interest today, we promise your family will thank you for it.


This is a week long course;  designed with ease and simplicity for new Mums in mind.

5 easy to digest, recorded modules uploaded for you to access via our private community area.

Upon purchase you will be given log-in details for content, so that you can access as and when suits your schedule and family commitments...

Day 1.  The course will begin with a live call, where we will meet each-other and discuss aims and objectives of the course.  The call is optional, but it will enable you to meet the other Mums attending, all at a similar stage of Motherhood to yourself.

Days 2-6.  After the call on Monday, we will release the modules once a day (Tuesday - Saturday).  You can choose to watch the modules live or in your own time. They will be available to watch back when suits, the idea being that they are in manageable, realistically sized chunks to suit busy new Mum life.

Day 7.  Time to reflect and complete workbook, should you wish (emailed).

Day 8.  We will then have another group call to close the course (following Monday) and discuss what learnt and how we will implement it.


This course will teach you essential information to support your postpartum period.

Module 1. Expectation versus Reality of early motherhood.  Learn to see yourself through a much kinder lens;  Re-frame 'mum guilt' and realise you are doing a blooming great job!

Module 2. Baby Brain.  Learn how incredible new mothers really are. Baby Brain is not just what you might think!  You have a lot to be proud of.

Module 3. Introduction to Matrescence.  This one little word that will give you the beginnings of being able to articulate the way you have been feeling.

Module 4. Village.  Learn the importance of support (and ways to create it, even in a pandemic), the importance of setting boundaries, roles and expectations and also the importance of being able to say 'no'.

Module 5. Nourish.  Learn the importance of self care, how filling your cup back up is actually beneficial for your family and manageable action steps to make this possible.


  • Meet & Connect with other Mums who have had baby at similar time via 2x live group calls.
  • Supportive Postpartum Information:  5 Accessible Recorded Modules
  • Bonus:  1 Month free Access to our Monthly Membership Community, with optional fortnightly group calls and access to private members area.


This course is for New Mums, those with baby's from 0-4 months (your first or subsequent baby).  Gift vouchers are available if you would like to purchase for Mother's Day or Baby Shower Gift.

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Postpartum Signature Support

Mummy Me Time 3 month's Personalised support - £349

Birth is not the destination, and yet so many new Mums don't give a great amount of consideration into their needs once baby actually arrives.

Did you know Gemma is a certified Mama Rising™ Facilitator?  and able to help you prepare emotionally for baby and beyond?  

Designed to support you through your early days in Motherhood.  Together we will create a postpartum care package that will honour this incredible time whilst also acknowledging your individual matrescence transition.   


WHO'S IT FOR?  Ideal for Mums during first days and weeks of Motherhood (though suitable anytime during 0-4 months)



-  Fortnightly 1 hour calls with Gemma (scheduled at a time to suit you and your new baby's routine)

-  15 minute 'check-in' calls as needed during the weeks we don't have scheduled 1 hour calls.

-  Worksheet to work through with Gemma (or in own time if you wish)

-  Personalised Postpartum Care Plan

-  3 month's free access to Mummy Me Time Membership

-  Matrescence and Motherhood wellness insights


(Acknowledging my soulful teacher Julia Jones, from Newborn Mothers Practitioner Training)  Special Offer, limited time only usually £429.

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Mum-ing It Online

Mama Rising Signature Support

Mummy Me Time 3 month's Personalised support - £349

This programme is centered around helping Mums re-establish their self-identity and worth, creating a little balance in their life and allowing them to view themselves through a much kinder lens.

For many, becoming a Mother is undoubtedly the most incredible, life altering experience ever imaginable.  Our children become our world.  In the split second that they arrive, everything changes.  They become our main focus, our life purpose (quite rightly so)... but does that mean we have to lose connection with our self or our personal needs, wants and desires?? 

The 6 step Mama Rising™ programme of support is the essence behind why Mummy Me Time was founded. 

Developed by my incredible teacher and mentor, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, I am proud to be one of the first and few accredited facilitators certified to provide this powerful insight, worldwide.

First coined by anthropologist, Dana Raphael (1973), Matrescence gives meaning and explanation to the complex range of feelings we experience during Motherhood.

"Matrescence is the complete transformation of a Woman as she moves through motherhood- psychological social, emotional, physical and spiritual." 

(Amy Taylor-Kabbaz)

Just like adolescence talks of the significant life transition a teen goes through when becoming an adult, Matrescence describes the process that a Woman experiences as she transitions to and through Motherhood.

Dr Aurelie Athan, the world leading Matrescence expert, explains "Words create Worlds, when we have a lack of language and don't know how to articulate our feelings, it makes the process incredibly difficult.  We need words to heal."   

This programme is centered around this one little word.  MATRESCENCE.  The one little world that means so little to so many, yet has the ability to completely revolutionise your view and perspective on Motherhood.  I am so passionate about sharing this insight with others, my hope is, it will impact them the way it has me. 


We will talk through the definitions of Matrescence, the wisdom this knowledge can unfold and allow you space to work through your own journey.


Becoming a Mother is a transformation; when a baby is born, so is a Mother.  The birth of a baby takes days, the birth of a mother can take years...

You are going through something. 

It is not just in your head.  

It is profound, and it is on many levels*

Working with this programme has changed my life and that of my entire family's.  I owe so much to this incredible little word and the magnitude it has on perspective.  If you find yourself a little lost in motherhood, unable to look up from above the mum-guilt and business... I urge you to consider makinf this investment for yourself and your family.

You can buy now or feel free to schedule a call with Gemma below to discuss in more detail.


 (*Acknowledging my incredible teacher and mentor, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, creator of the Mama Rising™ 6 step programme of support).  Special Offer, limited time only usually £429.

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This One Little Word

Introduction to Matrescence Course - £49

This one little word.  The one word that Mummy Me Time is all about.  The one word that can have so much impact, yet so few know anything about...  If you want to support yourself or your new Mum friend, this is the present to get!

We promise you will not regret it!  This insight has the potential to affect lives.  To 

"Matrescence gives a word and framework to what we have been feeling & finally gives permission and understanding to what it is that is happening within us & around us." 

(Amy Taylor-Kabbaz)



This programme is centered around helping Mums re-establish their self-identity and worth postpartum.

We will talk through the definitions of Matrescence, the wisdom this knowledge can unfold and allow you space to work through your own journey.



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