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Online, Baby Massage:

learn to massage your baby at homei

Introduction to baby massage plus 6 pre-recorded lessons to watch and learn in the comfort of your own home


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info on how, when and when not to massage your baby.

Plus 6 lessons to work through weekly, designed to build baby's tolerance up as the week's progress.

  1.  Massaging baby's legs
  2.  Massaging baby's tummy and specific strokes for colic relief
  3.  Massaging baby's back
  4.  Massaging baby's face
  5.  Massaging baby's chest and arms
  6.   Gentle Movements

Learn how to massage your baby at a time convenient to you and your family, with ability to access as many times as you like.

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Me Time (6)

online, 7-day mini series:

this one little word, 'Matrescence'

is the transition a Woman goes through when she becomes a Mother.    Learning about it can completely revolutionise her perspective on herself and Motherhood.

SPECIAL PRICE ONLY £29* (limited time only)

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This course will give you all the insight you need about 'this one little word', who's impact can be huge.

Learn to gain new perspective on Mum Guilt and see yourself (and all you accomplish) through a much more compassionate and realistic lens:

  • Mum Guilt
  • Inner-Split
  • Motherhood Mandate
  • Maternal Wall
  • 'Super Woman' addict
  • 'Should' Dos
  • Anxiety
  • Exhausted
  • Overwhelmed
  • Resentment
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