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We are on a mission to normalise Mum wellbeing and self-care, one woman at a time!!  I get it though, not so long ago... I too would've been the one to say... 

"I don't have enough time for things like that!"

"I couldn't dream of spending that kind of money on myself!" 

But please!  Don't push your own feelings aside (or wait until you reach breaking point, like I did!)

Consider this...

Making space for your own wellbeing is one of the best gifts we can give our children.  We are our children's biggest and most influential role models.    

Do something powerful today and start role modelling the adult behaviour you would like to see them become.  

mum head in pan

The modern world can be relentless at times, and that is not going to change, unless we start to teach future generations. 

Learning to prioritise self-care is a must.  Demonstrating self-love is critical to our mental health...  and creating a little balance in our 'busy-Mum' life is blooming well a necessity!!

Message me if you'd like to know more about ways we can work together to support you.  I've been there, I get it... and I promise it is worth the investment,


Below you will find...

details of personalised services offered by Mummy Me Time. 

From postpartum planning, to life as a new mum, all the way through to preschool and beyond... we are here for you.

Postpartum Planning Call with Gemma

1 hour a month dedicated support - £60

Ready to take some time to consider life once baby arrives?  Book in for a 1 on 1 Postpartum Planning coaching session with Gemma today.  

Let us help you make real considerations towards enabling your transition to motherhood to be as calm and comfortable as possible.

We have techniques for encouraging oxytocin, nurturing your bond with baby, avoiding post-partum depletion, setting expectations for those around you and building your village of support,   Our aim is to hep you create a restful, nurturing and calm environment for you and your newborn family.

For every 1 hour monthly coaching call booked, you will also gain a month's access to our Mummy Me Time Membership. 

Sessions can be used during pregnancy and once baby arrives.  We can work through Gemma's Signature Support programmes or keep less structured, depending on your individual needs.

(*cancel or downgrade to regular membership at any time)

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Postpartum Signature Support

Mummy Me Time 3 month's Personalised support - £349

Birth is not the destination, and yet so many new Mums don't give a great amount of consideration into their needs once baby actually arrives.

Did you know Gemma is a Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional?  and able to help you prepare emotionally for baby and beyond?  

Designed to support you through your early days in Motherhood.  Together we will create a postpartum care package that will honour this incredible time whilst also acknowledging your individual matrescence transition.   

WHO'S IT FOR?  Ideal for Mums during the first days and weeks of Motherhood (though suitable anytime during 0-4 months)


-  Fortnightly 1 hour calls with Gemma (scheduled at a time to suit you and your new baby's routine)

-  15 minute 'check-in' call during the weeks we don't have scheduled 1 hour calls.

-  Worksheet to work through with Gemma (or in own time if you wish)

-  Personalised Postpartum Care Plan

-  3 month's free access to Mummy Me Time Membership

-  Matrescence and Motherhood wellness insights


(Acknowledging my brilliant, soulful teacher Julia Jones, from Newborn Mothers Practitioner Training).  This services is on Special Offer, limited time only usually £429.


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Mama Rising Signature Support

Mummy Me Time 3 month's Personalised support - £349

This programme is centered around helping Mums re-establish their self-identity and worth, creating a little balance in their life and allowing them to view themselves through a much kinder lens.

For many, becoming a Mother is undoubtedly the most incredible, life altering experience ever imaginable.  Our children become our world.  In the split second that they arrive, everything changes.  They become our main focus, our life purpose (quite rightly so)... but does that mean we have to lose connection with our self or our personal needs, wants and desires?? 

The 6 step Mama Rising™ programme of support is the essence behind why Mummy Me Time was founded. 

Developed by my incredible teacher and mentor, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, I am proud to be one of the first and few, accredited facilitators certified to provide this powerful insight, worldwide.  This 6 step programme is based upon the theory of one powerful little word, Matrescence.

First coined by anthropologist, Dana Raphael (1973), Matrescence gives meaning and explanation to the complex range of feelings we experience during Motherhood.

"Matrescence is the complete transformation of a Woman as she moves through motherhood- psychological social, emotional, physical and spiritual"  

(Amy Taylor-Kabbaz)

Just like adolescence talks of the significant life transition a teen goes through when becoming an adult, Matrescence describes the process that a Woman experiences as she transitions to and through Motherhood.

Dr Aurelie Athan, the world leading Matrescence expert, explains: 

"Words create Worlds, when we have a lack of language and don't know how to articulate our feelings, it makes the process incredibly difficult.  We need words to heal"   

This programme is centered around this one little word.  The one little world that means so little to so many, yet has the ability to completely revolutionise your view and perspective on so much.


During this 3 month programme, we will talk through the definitions of Matrescence, the wisdom this knowledge can unfold and allow you space to work through your own journey.

Becoming a Mother is a transformation; when a baby is born, so is a Mother.  The birth of a baby takes days, the birth of a mother can take years...

You are going through something. 

It is not just in your head.  

It is profound, and it is on many levels*


You can buy now or feel free to schedule a call with Gemma below to discuss in more detail.



(*Acknowledging my incredible teacher and mentor, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, creator of the Mama Rising™ 6 step programme of support).  This service is on Special Offer, limited time only usually £429.

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Coaching Call with Gemma

1 hour a month dedicated support - £60

Not ready to commit to a 3 month's support progamme, but would like to work with Gemma 1:2:1?  We also have the option to book monthly coaching calls as part of our Mummy Me Time monthly Membership.

Join Mummy Me Time Membership under the 'Personalised' Pricing Plan* and also receive a monthly 1 hour 1:2:1 Call with Gemma

We can work through Gemma's Signature Support programmes or keep less structured, depending on your individual needs.

(*cancel or downgrade to regular membership at any time)

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