There's a reason you're on this page lovely. 

We (most likely) haven't met yet, but you being here does tell me something about you...

It tells me you're ready to step up, make change and start reducing 'mum guilt' 

by understanding the 'motherload' and in doing so, taking positive action towards your needs too. 

Like the other Mums in our membership, you may have been finding the hamster-wheel of motherhood exhausting, relentless at times and difficult to see through.  

Some have dreams they haven't found time to start yet (never mind accomplish). 

Or perhaps feel a constant juggling act trying to keep everyone's needs afloat, having daily internal battles of the 'should dos' versus a burning desire to reconnect back to things that brought joy. 

Maybe you've lost a sense of what you valued about yourself since stepping down (or giving up) your career. 

Maybe you want to raise your kids, without the constant feeling of needing to be more present, or that you're drowning in the life you dreamed of for so long!

The capacity to make change just doesn't feel there...

Can you relate?

If so, you're not alone.  I promise you, you are not alone. 

So many of us get so caught up in the craziness of modern day motherhood, we come to a point where we can no longer see the wood from the trees. 

We don't really find the day to day juggle of motherhood particularly manageable or fun even! 

(In fact, many women,, actually find it difficult to relinquish enough space to even consider what would make themselves feel happy anymore). 

mum head in hand

Of course - this might not be you.  

You might be loving it, but perhaps have an inkling that there could be more for you. 

That maybe if you managed to create yourself some space, or dropped the 'super-woman addict' a few moments each day; that maybe you could have a bit more time to refuel your tank... 

The 'Press Pause' Membership is here to help you create a different way... 

Mummy Me Time, 'Press Pause' Community

Membership Options:

Founding Member


per month

*limited time offer* 

Annual Membership


per year

12 months for the price of 10

Standard Membership


per month

Price once no more founding membership places left

The 'PRESS PAUSE' Community

A space to feel heard, appreciated and understood. 

We have bite-sized, manageable chunks of information and techniques to help you gain clarity. 

To give you techniques that will change the relationship you have with time.

and in turn, transform your ability to check-in and reconnect back with your self...  Yourself, YOU (the Women who's always been here, before you also became Mother).

As a busy Mum of 2, trying to juggle it all... I have been there. 

"I reached overwhelm before I started to realise that perspective was absolutely in the eye of the beholder"  

I am here now to tell you, there is a way.

We will help you reconnect to your self-identity and become a much more fulfilled and energised version of yourself. 

Make a commitment to yourself.

Press.  Pause. the ripple of your improved wellbeing impact that of your family's too.


PRESS. PAUSE.  Join us to experience tools, techniques and insights that will enable you to start viewing yourself through a much more compassionate and realistic lens. 

Your time is now.