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The MumME

The MumME Collective is for women who are ready to reclaim their right to feel interesting!

Work out what you want from life now that you're also a mum...

Maybe there's a passion project that's been niggling at you, or you need a supportive 'push' to start something new... perhaps even launch your new business to the world... (anything goes!)

We are here for women ready to make change. 

It's time to start shaking things up and doing 'mum-life' differently. 


The MumME (2)


The MumME Collective is your 12 week container of structured support.

Taking women like you from the relentless-hamster-wheel of mum-life;  full of people-pleasing and should do's

(aka always losing your S**!)...

...to inspiration, energy and momentum!


Are you ready...

to get out of survival mode and into a life that you love?

to regain your confidence and bring 'more to the table' when out socially again?

to reclaim your sense of self and create your MORE THAN just mum?


The MumME (1)

I know you've been running on empty the last few years...  You're sick of losing it with your kids and screaming at your other half.

You look in the mirror and see the exhaustion, you feel frustrated;  you used to take pride in your appearance, but you're tired and need a break.

You avoid social events, particularly with those who knew your pre-parent-self...  What's the point, it only makes you doubt yourself??  (You don't feel you add much to the conversation anyway...)

Your kids have a better social life than you do!

The MumME (4)

You've tried to make room for YOU in the past. 

It lasts a moment, or maybe you manage it once or twice, before normality resumes...

There sometimes doesn't seem much point, you only end up feeling more resentful when it backfires.  (again).

Taking time out can make you feel guilty and you end up wondering what's the point anyway.

The MumME (5)

You wonder how others make it look so effortless. 

I used to feel exactly this way too. 

 Gemma Mercer

You feel consumed by 'the juggle'

You feel guilty but long for more;  have dreams or ambitions you'd still like to achieve.

Spending your days, not really knowing who YOU are anymore.

But, it doesn't have to be this way

The MumME (6)

The MumME

It goes without saying, you love your kids unconditionally... we understand that.

Though please know, it's very natural to love your kids unconditionally, whilst also craving balance for your own needs too.  

& You're NOT the only one to feel this way either!

...If you're a mum of young children, yearning to get back in the driving seat of life...


A community of Mums who wish to regain control of life;  

balancing the juggle and struggle of being 'more than just mum'


Get involved

A scheduled 3 month group coaching programme.

Expect to uncover your needs, whilst making action plans that rekindle your self worth and achieve your personal goals and aspirations.

  • Rekindle your Self-Identity
  • Manageable Self Care
  • Boundary Setting & Prioritisation
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Accountability Buddies
  • Tangible Self Worth &  Value


We start Thursday 12th May!  

3 month Group Coaching Programme:

-  Intimate 12 week container of structured support

-  Fortnightly 'Matrescence Lessons' with live Q&A 

-  Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls (submit your questions in advance or join live to move the needle forward). 

-  Optional Accountability Buddy

-  'Get Sh*t Done' co-working sessions

-  Private member's Facebook group to 'chew the fat' and support eachother

-  Virtual 'Press Pause' relaxation sessions

-  'Setting Boundaries' masterclass

-  A kick-ass Community of other women who "GET IT"

- VIP* option for those wanting additional 121 support  (*limited places)

Let me introduce myself...

I'm Gemma... Matrescence Coach and Change-Maker for women (who also happen to be mums)

gemma mercer headshot

"Motherhood is the best yet most challenging life transition I have experienced to date." 

Going from a life in corporate sales & marketing to staying home with my children rocked me in ways I never imaged.  

Having taken years to fall pregnant, wanting nothing more than to start a family, motherhood exposed and unraveled me like nothing before. 

So grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my young children, yet racked with shame and guilt for not feeling fulfilled with what should make me the luckiest woman alive!

I lost all social confidence and felt resentment towards my husband, seemingly able to continue on with life...

I felt numb and lost inside.



Now I'm on a mission to share this life-changing insight to all mothers.

The mumME Collective group programme is designed to do just that.

If you're ready to find what your looking for in life, now that you are also a mother. 

This is the place for you. 


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Registration Closed

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Role model self appreciation to your kids by being the mum and woman you've always desired. 


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