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Me Time (6)


do you Feel 

. . . overwhelmed?

 . . . frustrated?

. . . Running on empty?

. . . like you've lost your sense of 'self' since becoming a mum?


this course is here to let you know, You are not the only one to feel this way & there is a reason!



This s**T is real. 

mum-guilt is real. 

the juggle is real. 

the motherload is very real. 


it can feel relentless and exhausting at times.  mums everywhere are feeling it but no-one's really talking about it.  

can you relate?

hamster wheel

It doesn't have to be this way anymore!

In this 7 day mini-series you will learn that it is not just in your head.  there is a reason you feel the way you do and it is time to start changing the way that mothers consider themselves.

we will cover everything you need to know to re-frame your relationship with your self.  We will explain the limitations that mums everywhere are facing.  We will explain the reasons behind why you feel the way you do.  In doing so, we will help you reposition the way you value yourself as a woman and as a mother.


it is time.


no more losing your s**T

no more overwhelm or resentment

no more hamster-wheel mum existence

it's time to start valuing your self again.

valuing you as the woman you've always been & you the mother.


You coming?

Let's start prioritising our self too. 

the ripple effect of a little self care will have incredible impact to all around us.  your family will thank you for it.

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a Proven Approach

Getting started can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!


delivered in short (mum-sized) easy to follow daily videos.

all you need is 15 mins a day



Action starts with the right mindset.  We get you in the correct head-space from the start.



No high-flying jibber jabber. no complicated homework.  straight forward and to the point



a community of mums, trying to normailse self care. 

help us spread the word


BONUS community

Not only do you get access to our proven course content – you also become part of our 'PRESS PAUSE' community for 1 month FOC

our community is here to help and support you!


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"I have always known that I have never felt quite the same since having children, but I never knew it was an actual thing.  It is an actual term - matrescence!  Since learning about this with the incredible Gemma, it's given me peace and helped me come to terms with what lies ahead."

- K Taylor