Expected to Work Like we don't have Children

& Look after our Children like we don't Work 



Can you Relate?

✔ Managing it all...  

✔ Maintain your smile....  

✔ Oh, and of course, don't forget to make it look easy!!

Is it any wonder, many Women don't get chance to take a moment?!...

Do you ever feel like you're running on a 'hamster wheel' of Mum life, unable to get off!?

Many don't get time to consider their own needs?  Take time to consider the ambiguity they feel inside?  Are they the only one feeling this??  

Does this mean they are a bad Mother or don't deserve their amazing children???

No, of course not!

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The Information All Mothers Need, and Their Friends Wish They'd Known

Step 1

Understand the day to day, societal and internal pressure women feel

Step 2

Join a community of other Mums and realise you are not alone

Step 3

Put realistic action steps in place to establish more balance

Step 4

Let go of Mum-Guilt and view yourself through a much kinder, realistic lens

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Mummy Me Time was founded to let you know, you are NOT the only one to be feeling like this.

Our society and centuries past, have conditioned us to 'just keep on going' and to not ask questions... to make it all look easy...  but is that really the right thing for our wellbeing, or importantly, that of our Children? 

As a Matrescence and Motherhood Wellness Educator, we have loads of powerful insights to share on this.  We can help!  Understanding the concepts behind this can result in a more calm, comfortable and balanced Mum.  Your view on yourself will become more measured; impacting your relationship with your self, your partner and in turn benefiting your whole family. 


This One Little Word

Matrescence (similar to what teens experience during adolescence), is the transition a Woman goes through when she becomes a Mother.  It affects every aspect of her sense of self and persona.  Learning about it can completely transform the relationship she has with herself as she journeys through Motherhood.

New online course: 

'This One Little Word'


This course will give you all the insight you need about this one little word, who's impact can be so huge.

  • Mum Guilt
  • Inner-Split
  • Motherhood Mandate
  • Maternal Wall
  • 'Super Woman' addict
  • 'Should' Dos
  • Anxiety
  • Exhausted
  • Overwhelmed
  • Resentment
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"I have always known that I have never felt quite the same since having children, but I never knew it was an actual thing.  It is an actual term - matrescence!  Since learning about this with the incredible Gemma, it's given me peace and helped me come to terms with what lies ahead."


- K Taylor

The Information All Mothers Need, and Their Friends Wish They'd Known

You are not the only one who feels this way, let us help you.

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